A newsletter again

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Now that I’ve found the follow button over on the website, I won’t be needing to use this newsletter as a blog delivery service. Therefore, from today, I’m just going to do a weekly digest with hyperlinks to each blog post, and it can go back to being a regular newsletter again.

I am in the process of sorting out a free gift for everyone who subscribes to this newsletter, including existing subscribers as well as new subscribers. It is likely to be a pdf of the first issue of Words Worth Reading magazine, and the link is probably going to be over on the website. If readers would prefer an ebook of the magazine, then I’ll set up a Bookfunnel.

Here’s the link to today’s blog post, then. (A Packed Schedule) The rest of this week’s links will be sent out in a single newsletter next week. If you’d like to see them more often, then do hop back onto the website and follow it from there.

Thanks for your patience!

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